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My name is Amphitrite

I’m that which is dark and holy  I break and burn and burn and burn.  I do not belong here. I am not of this world.  I have my black Lord  and I have you.  If you taste - my skin is salt. My body is a seabed. 
And let me  let me explode and spread wide.  I am your chaos, you are mine. 
The moon is gaping its mouth at me: what do you want?  I swear I love you, I’ll say I do, I do.   I see through.  and I offer myself at your feet and the feet of God,  I am your secret I am a prayer I am the taste on your lips. 
once I was the sea. look at me  my eyes are what remained. Do you see?  Solitude is etched on our skins. 
In you I have found my madness; and I will never dance alone again. 
I became a forest; my hair, saffron roots that ground me to soil.  things not of this world draw me in: the dead, the shadows, the dark corners  a miracle: you.  I do, I do. 

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